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Sunday SEPTEMBER 5th 2021 -Week 2 “The Gains will be legendary”

Sunday SEPTEMBER 5th 2021 -Week 2 “The Gains will be legendary” **Programming options. Choose one of the training tiers to follow (Red, White, or Blue). Each day perform ONLY that part of the Major Lift section. Red is the foundational strength template, based on 5/3/1. White is the Powerlifting tier for max strength building. Blue is the bodybuilding tier. All other sections of the day’s training will be completed by everyone.**

-Anyone following the 4 day routine should not do “humpday pumpday”. They should do the active rest. Whether they do the Sabado Gigante (which is the same programming as humpday pumpday) is case by case depending how they feel from the week’s worth of work. Don’t over do it. The Sabado Gigante often overlaps things done during the week. When in doubt, push or drag sleds and do some curls.

-Afterburners: These are optional conditioning pieces of the programming. Whether a person completes this is dependent on their goals and calorie intake. If actual sustained strength and mass is the goal, the afterburners should not be done. At least not without increased calorie count to accommodate the extra effort. That being said, some sustained sweat should happen at least once a week. That is the active rest on Wednesday.

Additionally, some of the movements in the Afterburners are not found in the GainCity accessory work. If a person wants to get those movements in for accessory but doesn’t want to overdo the sweats, just take the movements and rep counts out of the afterburner and do them like regular sets/reps.

Monday, SEPT 6th, DE UPPER:

Jet Fuel:


20 rope jumps (single or double under, doesn't matter)

5 Jumping Pullups



5 Pushups

2 Burpees

1 Sprint down the gym floor

*walk back to the start and repeat


Major Lift : Red (foundation training): Bench Press (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (powerlift): Speed Bench vs Bands

10x3 @60%

5x3 @65%

Blue (Bodybuilder): Bench Press vs Bands




12 Weighted Bar or box Dips (video of box dips this shows with feet assisted for those who need it).

12 Upright Rows, AHAP




1ST MINUTE: 10 STEPS DB Single arm overhead walk RT

15 Pushups


2ND MINUTE: 10 STEPS DB Single arm overhead walk LT

30 Jump Ropes

*Alternate each minute for 15 rounds of each


Tuesday, Sept 7th ME LOWER:

Jet Fuel:


30 seconds situps

30 seconds KB good morning

Banded Sprints


Major Lift: Red (foundation training): Squat (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (Power Lift): Close-Stance High bar squat

Max 8

*Compare to max 10, August 8th

Blue (bodybuilder): Close-Stance high bar squat




-15 Banded donkey kicks

-15 Banded Lateral Leg Raises (switch back n forth with toes in and out)

-20 Hip Circle Glute Bridges

-100m Reverse Sled Drag



200m Sprint Row

5 Burpee over Rower

5 Deadlifts @bodyweight

*reverse order from last week.


Wednesday, September 8th, Active Rest


200m run

30 Cal Bike




Thursday, September 9th, ME UPPER:

Jet Fuel:

“Cherry Pie” Bike warmup. Play cherry pie by Warrant. Ride easy during the verse, ride hard during the Chorus.



Max reps clapping pushups

*scale by elevating to box or bench (minimum 8)

20 Bandy face pulls

15 Bandy rear delt flyes



Major Lift: Red (foundation training): Shoulder Press (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (power lift): Bench Press

Max 8

2x8 @90%

*Comare to max 10 Aug 5th

Blue (bodybuilder): Bench Press



3x12 DB Shoulder Press

3x 12 DB Pullover

12 Single arm DB row

12 Db curl

12 Db skull crusher


In order:

35 Pullups (strict)

70 Pushups

70 Cal Bike


Friday, September 10th, DE LOWER:

Jet Fuel:

400m run

Leg swings, high knees, buttkickers

Pigeon stretch, calf stretch



3 box jump overs → 20m sprint

*rest as needed, or do it in partners and rest while partner completes a round.



Major Lift: Red: foundation training): Deadlift (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (powerlift): Speed Squat vs bands

10x2 @60%

5x1 @65%

7x1 Deadlift @70% -Reset, no touchngo

Blue (bodybuilder): Squats vs bands



100 Situps

-Hip Circle Party (wear a hip circle and walk front/back/side/side until your booty falls off)


4x AFAP:

2 Powercleans

4 Front Squats

8 Jumping lunges over bar

*Rest 2 minutes between sets



Find 10rm Bench Press



*After every set of Rows, perform the following:

10 Bench Press @80% of 10rm

100ft farmer carry AHAP

**REMEMBER: These Saturday workouts are not part of the regular programming. Listen to your body. There was a max 8 bench press on Thursday. Do not overtrain/under recover. If your chest needs the rest, switch the bench press to a 3x5 Shoulder Press and during the conditioning, change the bench press to sleds, or sandbags, or even pushups.**


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