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Sunday September 27th, 2020. “Only the good die young” Week 1

Sunday September 27th, 2020. “Only the good die young” Week 1

-Anyone following the 4 day routine should not do “humpday pumpday”. They should do the active rest. Whether they do the Sabado Gigante (which is the same programming as humpday pumpday) is case by case depending how they feel from the week’s worth of work. Don’t over do it. The Sabado Gigante often overlaps things done during the week. When in doubt, push or drag sleds and do some curls.

-Afterburners: These are optional conditioning pieces of the programming. Whether a person completes this is dependent on their goals and calorie intake. If actual sustained strength and mass is the goal, the afterburners should not be done. At least not without increased calorie count to accommodate the extra effort. That being said, some sustained sweat should happen at least once a week. That is the active rest on Wednesday.

Additionally, some of the movements in the Afterburners are not found in the GainCity accessory work. If a person wants to get those movements in for accessory but doesnt want to overdo the sweats, just take the movements and rep counts out of the afterburner and do them like regular sets/reps.

Monday, Sept 28th, 2020

Pre-Flight: Back to speedy bench this week. Keep Wht/Blu moving OTM (on the minute). Then its a full on pec blast with 5 sets of max reps pushups, followed by a nasty arms only tabata on the bike.

Jet Fuel:

1 min Bike @60% output


-:30 Plank on Hands

*hands directly under shoulders, joints stacked, arms locked, drive through palms, squeeze trunk tight*

-DB Shoulder Boulders

8 Front raise

8 Lat Raise

8 Reverse Fly


Major, Lift: Red: Bench Press

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Speedy Banded Bench, OTM (on the minute)

10x3 @45%

5x3 @50%




2xMax Reps

2xMax Reps w/ Slingshot (if you dont have a slingshot, double over a band and wear it around your elbows. Use it as a trampoline for your pushups)

-BB Curls


-DB KickBacks

3x20 (each arm individually)



Assault Bike Arms Only

**may use feet to get bike started**


Tuesday, Sept 29th, 2020

Pre-Flight: Block pull deadlifts, then get after some front squats for quads, and some sled work for hammies. Work some explosiveness as a finisher.

Jet Fuel:


3 Burpee

3 Squat

4 Lunges



Hip Circle walk (forward/back/lateral)

Side plank Star fish (:15 each side) (in a side plank, raise the top arm and leg as high as possible, keeping toes pointed towards the floor)


Major, Lift: Red: Squat

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blue: Deadlift block pulls vs bands (4”)

Max 2

AMRAP @80%

*Place the barbell up on 4” blocks, this will make the range of motion shorter. Then drape a band around the barbell and stand on it. This will add band tension and make the lifter harder at the top and lighter at the bottom.


-Front Squat


-Bandy Hamstring Curls (attach a band to the rig, lay face down with the band around your ankles and bring your knees to your butt, return, repeat)


-Backwards Sled Drag (backpack sled, walking backwards)



10 min EMOM:

Shuttle Run (2x, 10m down, 10m back)

10 high Box Jumps

*Both in the same minute*


Wednesday, Sept 30th, 2020

Active Rest Day

Go for a 45min walk, or ride the bike at 40/35 rpms for 45mins

Then 100 Situps



Humpday Pumpday

50 Strict Pullups

**Every break, 8 bench press**


Girth Differential:


Alternating DB Curls



Thursday, Oct 1st, 2020

Pre-Flight: Bench, Its a good day. Then is classic back and arms.

Jet Fuel:

250 Row


10 DB Bench Press

10 DB Shoulder Press

-Mash upper body

Major, Lift: Red: Shoulder Press

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Bench Press

Max 10




-Seated DB Shoulder Press


-DB Pullover


50 (each) **Perform 50 reps each exercise, each arm, separate**


7 Rounds For Time:

5 Pullups

5 T2B (toes to bar)

20 Double Under


Friday, Oct 2nd, 2020

Pre-Flight: Just a standard day of squats n deads, until the afterburner, which will make you puke.

Jet Fuel:

500m Row


10 Wallball

10 Jumping Lunges


Major, Lift: Red: Deadlift

-then 2xAMRAP @80% of the days heaviest set

Wht/Blu: Squats N Deads


10x3 @50%




-KB Swing

100 in as few sets as possible

**Heavy. If you get more than 25 without breaking, its too light**

-Low Box DB Stepups

3x10 (each)



AS Fast as Possible!!

250m Row

Max reps Thruster (135/95)

**rest 3 mins between rounds**



50 Strict Pullups

**Every break, 8 bench press**


Girth Differential:


Alternating DB Curls


Bandy Curls/Tricep Pushdowns


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