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Sunday, MAY 2, 2021 -Week 2 “Gains discounted for buying in bulk”

Sunday, MAY 2, 2021 -Week 2 “Gains discounted for buying in bulk”

**Programming option change. Choose one of the training tiers to follow (Red, White, or Blue). Each day perform ONLY that part of the Major Lift section. Red is the foundational strength template, based on 5/3/1. White is the Powerlifting tier for max strength building. Blue is the bodybuilding tier. All other sections of the day’s training will be completed by everyone.**

-Anyone following the 4 day routine should not do “humpday pumpday”. They should do the active rest. Whether they do the Sabado Gigante (which is the same programming as humpday pumpday) is case by case depending how they feel from the week’s worth of work. Don’t over do it. The Sabado Gigante often overlaps things done during the week. When in doubt, push or drag sleds and do some curls.

-Afterburners: These are optional conditioning pieces of the programming. Whether a person completes this is dependent on their goals and calorie intake. If actual sustained strength and mass is the goal, the afterburners should not be done. At least not without increased calorie count to accommodate the extra effort. That being said, some sustained sweat should happen at least once a week. That is the active rest on Wednesday.

Additionally, some of the movements in the Afterburners are not found in the GainCity accessory work. If a person wants to get those movements in for accessory but doesn’t want to overdo the sweats, just take the movements and rep counts out of the afterburner and do them like regular sets/reps.

Monday, MAY 3rd 2021

Jet Fuel:

1 min Burpees

Bandy Fun Time:


20 Band Pull Aparts

20 Bandy Shoulder Press (10 each arm) *Stand in band with one foot. Use same side arm and press the band overhead

20 (each arm) bandy int/ext rotations *Attach lightweight band to the rig at shoulder height. Face the rig and hold band with arm bent 90 degrees, hand facing the rig and upper arm parallel with the ground. Rotate forearm up and down (internally and externally)

20 FacePulls

Major, Lift: Red (foundation training): Bench Press (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (powerlift):Pause Bench vs Bands

8x8 @60%

4x4 @65%

**3 Count Pause on Chest**

Blue (bodybuilder): Bench Press vs bands



Single Arm DB Rows


Incline DB Rear delt kickouts **Support yourself facedown on an incline bench. With DBs, pull elbows up and back at near 90degrees, then kick DBs out until arms are straight. This will require lighter DBs than expected**


DB Curl and Press


DB Rolling Tricep Ext



OTM: 10mins


1 Devil Press+2 Push Press

**+5lbs from last week

**The movement is 1 devill press, and 2 push press. Complete that movement 5x every minute for 10 minutes. No alternating minutes**


Tuesday, MAY 4, 2021

Jet Fuel:


10 Cal Row

10 Pole Squat

10 Box Jump

**Wear a hip Circle**

Major, Lift: Red (foundation training): Squat (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (Power Lift): Squat VS Bands

Max 1

1xAMRAP @80%

*Compare to max 3, APRIL 6th*

Blue (bodybuilder): Squat vs Bands



Dimmel Deadlifts

*this is a quick and powerful movement. It helps build a strong hip opening*


DB Bulgarian Split Squats

3x8 (each)

Bandy Hammy Curls



100 Air Squats

**Every minute, 5 Box Jumps until done**

**Box Jumps first**

*Burpees become box jumps


Wednesday, MAY 5th, 2021

Active Rest Day

Row 2k

Run 800

Row 2k

Run 800




Thursday, MAY 6th, 2021

Jet Fuel:

Assault Bike 2 minutes


Max Calories assault bike in 30 seconds or 20 calories, whichever comes first.



10 Pushups

10 Pullups

10 KB Inverted Piston Press

Major, Lift: Red (foundation training): Shoulder Press (follow the Red Tier training template)

White (power lift): 2 Board Bench Press

Max 1

1xAMRAP @80%

1xAMRAP @70%

*Compare to max 3 April 15th.

Blue (bodybuilder): Incline Bench Press



**During GainCity today, every 3minutes, 5 pullups must be performed**

Seated DB Shoulder Press


Bandy Lat pull down *Attach a band overhead, but close enough to the floor so you can sit and reach the band. Grip the band like a pullup and perform Lat pull downs for 1 min


DB Lat Raises/Front Raises

5x10 (each)

Bandy Curls/Pushdowns

100 each




Cal Sprint Assault Bike

**First minute, 5 cals, next minute, 10 cals, next 15 cals, finish with 20 cal sprint**

**Use the calorie count achieved in the warmup as the starting number if 20 was not achieved. The use that number to make 4 sets by splitting the difference 4 times to make four sets of cals**


Friday, MAY 7th, 2021

Jet Fuel: Jog 2mins


Running/Footwork Drills

Major, Lift: Red: Deadlift

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Volume Squat

2x20 @55%

Deadlift vs Band

5x1 @70%


Sled Drag


DB Stepups low box

3x8 (each)



10 HEAVY wallballs

40yd Sprint




10 Squats @1.5 bodyweight

30 Pushups

20 Squats @ bodyweight

30 Pushups

30 Squats @ .75 bodyweight

30 Pushups

40 Air Squats

40 Pushups

30 Air Squats

30 Bench Press @ .6 bodyweight

30 Air Squats

20 Bench Press @ .8 bodyweight

30 Air Squats

10 Bench Press @ bodyweight

***Scale the weight as needed so each set is near failure or 2 sets to complete. SHOULD NOT BE ALL UNBROKEN. Make the weight heavy***


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