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DECEMBER 8th 2019 Fresh new round of gains, crew!



DECEMBER 8th 2019

Fresh new round of gains, crew!

-Anyone following the 4 day routine should not do “humpday pumpday”. They should do the active rest. Whether they do the Sabado Gigante (which is the same programming as humpday pumpday) is case by case depending how they feel from the week’s worth of work. Don’t over do it. The Sabado Gigante often overlaps things done during the week. When in doubt, push or drag sleds and do some curls.

-Afterburners: These are optional conditioning pieces of the programming. Whether a person completes this is dependent on their goals and calorie intake. If actual sustained strength and mass is the goal, the afterburners should not be done. At least not without increased calorie count to accommodate the extra effort. That being said, some sustained sweat should happen at least once a week. That is the active rest on Wednesday.

Additionally, some of the movements in the Afterburners are not found in the GainCity accessory work. If a person wants to get those movements in for accessory but doesnt want to overdo the sweats, just take the movements and rep counts out of the afterburner and do them like regular sets/reps.

Monday, December, 9th 2019

Brief: Volume bench for our white/blue today. Afterburner has a nasty dose of assault bike and DB push press. Looking for a stimulus of getting people done between 5-8 minutes.

Jet Fuel: In Partners:


A) L-Hang

B) Burpees

*One partner hangs while the other partner does 5 burpees. Switch. 4 times each.

*Scale L-hang to any form of hang with feet or knees elevated. Last resort, scale to hollow hold.

Major Lift: Red: Bench Press

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Volume Bench

10x10 @50%



Max strict Pullups (if more than 15 can be done unbroken, do them weighted)

30 Banded facepulls

15 DB Hammer Curls

15 DB Tricep Kickbacks

Afterburner: For Time:

75/50 Cal Assault Bike

*Every minute, 10 unbroken heavy DB Push Press

*Begin workout with push press


Tuesday, December 10th, 2019

Brief: Potent powerclean/box jump combo. Stimulus is heavy here. It’s alright if you don’t link the 2 powerclean reps. Finish with a quick bout of barbell cycling and low box jumps.

Jet Fuel: 3min fighter warmup

(people are allowed to do whatever they want to get their heart rate up for 3mins. No stretching. I.e. run,bike,row,burpee,jump rope, etc)


Depth jumps

Depth jumps to vertical jumps

Depth jumps to broad jumps

The video link below shows the basic idea.

*First begin with the depth jump. In a depth jump, allow one leg forward off a box and fall to the floor starting with straight legs. Don’t jump off the box. Land ready in the universal athletic position. Train people to land solid.

*Then progress to depth jump plus vertical jump. When they land on the ground in their athletic position, they will wind up their arms, load their legs and explode into a vertical jump, arms overhead and then land in the athletic position again.

*Third, add a broad jump after the vertical jump. Immediately after they land from the vertical, they will rebound into a max distance broad jump. It is just as important here to have them land in athletic position.

Major Lift: Red: Squat

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Deadlift Block Pulls (2 inches)

Max 5

Amrap @80%

**Raise barbell off the ground 2 inches so it’s higher**


-3x Hip Circle Sled Drag

-100 banded good morning

-100 Air Squats

Afterburner: 13min Running Clock:

10min EMOM:

2 Heavy Power Clean

5 High Box Jumps

-then 1 min rest to change bar weight

At 11:00 on the clock:

1min Max reps powercleans @65% of 2 rep

-Directly into

1min max reps low box jumps

*High box should be very high. Add plates to the box to make it higher than 30” if needed.

*Low box should be easy. Less than 20” is finel


Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Active Rest Day

100 Evil Wheels

*Every minute perform 3 burpees until finished



20 Rounds:

1 Squat @1.5 bodyweight

5 Strict Pullups

100ft Farmer carry AHAP


Thursday, December, 12th, 2019

Brief: A sweet short burn of burpees and powersnatch. Powersnatch reps can be broken up and the weight should be heavy, but not so heavy that they need rest before continuing.


Spidermans, Crabwalk, Inchworms


3x10 Plyometric Pushups

*scale people by elevating them, but try and maintain the explosiveness of the movement

Major Lift: Red: Shoulder Press

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Close Grip Bench Press

Max 6

*Compare to max 8 November 7th



DB lateral raises

T-bar rows

Straight bar curls AHAP

DB Skull Crusher+DB bench press (15 skull crushers directly into 15 bench presses)




*2 PowerSnatch AHAP between every set


Friday, December 13th, 2019

Brief: Volume Squats and deadlifts today for wht/blu. Then some classic sprint work. Take time to get their legs prepped for running.

Jet Fuel: Partners:


Run 100m

Partner not running, pole squat.


Major Lift: Red: Deadlift

-then 2xmax reps @80% of the heaviest set of the day

Wht/Blu: Volume Squat and Deadlift

3x10 @55%

*Perform 3 sets of 10 squats and deadlifts. Alternate between the two lifts. Rest as needed between sets to move the bar as fast as possible.


100 Situps

100 Walking lunges

100 Stiff leg Bent over DB Rows

*Partition anyway


7 minute AMRAP:

5 Toe2Bar

10 Air Squats

50m sprint



20 Rounds:

1 Squat @1.5 bodyweight

5 Strict Pullups

100ft Farmer carry AHAP


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